Frenly list of frens

Here's a bunch of my frens's websites. I also dump a bunch of interresting links in there for when I'm bored. All links open in a new tab :)

Getgle: You get glee
Reading about getgle girl (male) makes me giggle (not in a gay way)

JennyJones's car blog
JennyJones was a member of serb who likes posting people's car in the Philipines. One of the only people out there who has a blog (and actually uses it) that I know!

Peelopaalu's web index
Has an infinitely better website index than mine. The site owner left a note about (probably) never coming back though, and my site is in there, so fuck yeah dude I made it in!!

Wiby search engine
It's a little bit like google but the key difference here is that it's index only contains hobbyist websites (which means it's useless LOL!!)

A chat about birds and radio fuckery, and uhh programming, and uh I constantly chat on this thing and made a chatbot for it check it out. If you find an XSS exploit on this site you get a free subway gift card

Vvave's fumo plushie shop
Handmade, 2hu themed fumo plushies made by my friend vvave. Fun fact: there is no "w" on her webpage.

Getgle girl (male)

Getgle girl (male) in all of its beauty