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Frens's websites

Here's a bunch of my frens's websites. I also dump a bunch of interresting links in there for when I'm bored. All links open in a new tab :) Getgle: You get glee The entire site's a shitpost. I love it. Hosted on a 5$ vps lol Smug's website Swoftii's website or whatever the fuck his nickname is nowadays. Currently redirects to a page with an ominous "?" on it. I think he just doesn't care anymore. Peelopaalu's web index Found his website on the hacker website known as 4chin, I just like the vibe to it. He promised me he would add my site in there, so gotta get these SEO trickz backlink fuckery going mate Hyper's fanfics Hyper is a retarded Israelite that writes fanfictions mostly about people getting fucked. Most notably, stories about Chris Chan's mother. This fucker's also enrolled in the army fighting palestinians. When he doesn't login for a few days we start thinking he's either dead or pretending to be. Cheerio Smith's obituaries Cheerio was a moderator in my discord server. He recently passed away. May he rest in peace