Mumble ping API

You will SHIT YOUR PANTS when you'll see how good my mumble ping API is. Listen, I don't have much time, but it's seriously good. Hear me out:

How to use

It's so fucking easy to use look at this shit..
So like okay. You make a GET request to this thingy right here:

See? That's it. Oh and this is what the JSON payload looks like:

Did you know?

Only fat retarded nerds use mumble

	"status": "ok",
	"server": {
		"ping": 1448,
		"online": 69,
		"max": 420,
		"bandwidth": "1337 kbit\/s",
		"country": {
			"name": "France",
			"code": "FR"
		"version": "1.3.4"

... And this is what you get if you make a bad request:

	"status": "you suck or something"

You can also specify a connection port, like so:

Source code

Thanks to the power of Richard Stallman running trough my veins, I made this script available to everyone who wishes to.. well I don't really know why you'd ever need this for but anyways here it is:
Mumble API source code

There's no license. Just do whatever the fuck you want with it. As pointed out by an anon on 4chin, I SHOULD be using a license, so I picked MIT. Credit me you fags :b